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"There was so much excitement and energy in Hoff that night..."

The Room is the best worst movie ever made. This may make it sound super unappealing, but it actually has quite the opposite effect. It’s the kind of movie that’s so bad, it’s good…in a comedic way, at least. Since its release in 2003, it has garnered a huge cult following that some may not understand since the film is inherently horrible. The Room is filled with awful dialogue, terrible acting, completely random scenes that add nothing to the (bad) plot, meaningless characters that come and go, out of focus shots, transition shots that make no sense, and more…but we love it. SEE is strangely obsessed with The Room, and we often quote the film and reference anything from the movie whenever possible. We were given the opportunity to screen The Room in order to promote The Disaster Artist, a new film by A24 coming out in December about how The Room was made, starring James and Dave Franco.

We started by having our amazingly talented Advertising Director, Alla, design a t-shirt that we could give out during the screening (they looked awesome!). We also made a “SEE on the Street” video where we had several Directors walk around campus and ask random students questions related to the film. We even placed framed pictures of spoons all around Stamp, a major reference to The Room since framed spoons can be seen in the background throughout the film (don’t ask us why, we know it makes no sense).

We screened The Room Monday, October 30th and the event was a blast. Over 300 people lined up outside of Hoff Theater to watch the worst movie ever made. With many spoons and footballs in hand, some students even came sporting costumes of characters from The Room. The event was very interactive as people shouted funny phrases, tossed spoons when the framed spoons could be seen, threw footballs around with each other, and more. Some students even ran up to the front of the screen and cheered when Tommy Wiseau looked down and waved in their direction. If you don’t know anything about the movie, this all probably sounds ridiculous; however, for the diehard fans, it all makes sense. There was so much excitement and energy in Hoff that night, and it was incredible getting to watch the best worst movie with fellow Terps.

If you haven’t already seen The Room, do yourself a favor and watch it with as many friends as you can. It’s a movie watching experience unlike any other, and with The Disaster Artist coming right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to watch it.

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