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How We Select Artists for Art Attack

Have you ever wondered how we select artists for Art Attack? I sat down with Charles Boulton, our Concerts Director, as he broke down the process.

How far in advance do you start planning for Art Attack?

As far as budgeting and conceptual planning, I started May or June of last year. Once I have a better understanding of my budget (around October) I can start researching artists, surveying campus, and bidding for my “reach” artists.

Walk us through your thought process for selecting Artists.

My goal is to use the money available to select artists that have a wide appeal across campus because after all, the show is paid for by student fees. Also, the artists should fit a vision for the show, whether it be a huge headliner and small opener, two strong co-headliners, or a festival-style lineup with a bunch of names. The vision may change based on my budget, artists availability and other factors.