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Join SEE payroll to work for SEE Production Team.

Thank you for signing up for our Security, Tech, and/or Camera Teams, also known as Pro Team! Your dedication is vital to SEE's ability to put on quality events. In order to work, you must be on SEE's payroll, which requires you to fill out our payroll packet.

Payroll paperwork can be confusing, so please read the information below carefully. We encourage you to come to the SEE office where we can assist you in filling out your forms. Once you have signed up, you can work at SEE events this year!

You must email to make an appointment with Office Managers to submit payroll forms and identification

Download Your Payroll Forms

Click below to access and print out the document. Carefully read and follow the instructions to fill it out.

Fill Out Your Payroll Forms

As seen above, there are several forms that are available for you to fill out. You should review the tax withholding forms with your parents/guardians, so we strongly encourage you to print the forms out. You can print out the forms, fill them out, and bring them with you to the Payroll Orientation session.


If you do not work on campus...

Please stop by the SEE Office and we can help you fill out your payroll forms.


If you already work on campus...

Please ask your current on-campus workplace for a copy of your I-9 form. Bring the copy to the SEE office and ask for an Office Manager or Advisor. They will take the copy of your I-9 form and have you fill out the SEE Student Contact Info form (page 2 of payroll document) and Pro Team Contract.


See below to find the routing information for with your bank number and checking account number.

Submit Your Payroll Forms

Please bring proper ID when submitting your application. The list of acceptable forms of ID for the I-9 form can be found on page 7 of the payroll form. You will need to provide either:

  • 1 document from List A


  • 1 document from List B and 1 document from List C

We will make a copy of the documentation and return it to you immediately.


You must submit your SEE payroll documentation at least 3 weeks prior to the event you would like to work or the best consideration date (this applies to those who have and have not worked on campus prior to this application).

Bring the completed documents and forms of ID to the SEE office located in the STAMP Student Union.


If you have any questions, contact Divija or Elia, SEE’s Office Managers, at or 301-314-8498.


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