Meet the Directors





Taylor Markey

The President is responsible, but is not limited to, the overall coordination of the entire organization. Duties include running weekly Executive Board meetings, arranging an organizational retreat at the beginning of fall semester and acting as a liaison for SEE to the SGA, The Stamp Advisory Board, the SEE Funding Board and the campus community. In addition, the President also coordinates the recruitment and interview process for new SEE Directors. It is the responsibility of the SEE President to oversee all decisions made and actions taken by any of the branches of the organization. The President is a member of the Operations Team.

Hey, I’m Taylor! I am a senior multiplatform journalism major with a minor in Spanish. I absolutely love anything Disney, Harry Potter, or superhero-related. Outside of SEE, you can usually find me napping, waiting in line at Chick-fil-A, or rewatching vine compilations


VP of Finance

Hi there! My name is Abby and I am a senior double majoring in English and Secondary Education. Aside from my role in SEE, I also work as a Resident Assistant in the best dorm on campus - Denton Hall! In my free time, I love to bake all sorts of desserts, create aesthetic bullet journal spreads, and travel the world.

The VP of Finance will be responsible for supervising all financial and budgeting activities relating to all branches of SEE. They  will act as a liaison between the SEE Funding Board and SEE Executive Board. They will submit the budget requests detailed in Article V of this Constitution, in conjunction with the SEE Program Coordinator and SEE President, as well as track revenues and expenditures through all SEE accounts. The VP of Finance will also be responsible for all activities related to fundraising and financial development. The VP of Finance is a member of the Operations  Team.

Membership Director

Isabel Maizes


Hi! I’m a sophomore Communication major on the Public Relations track, with hopes to pursue a Spanish minor! I have always had a passion for live event planning and was so excited to work on my first Art Attack last year. I love concerts, music, and any type of media. This summer, I was able to complete an internship at a music supervision company where I learned about the placement of music into movies and television. I have also done many programs in the past that focus on different types of media production, such as photography, production, and filmmaking. This is my first year in SEE and I’m so excited to be the Membership Director!

The Membership Director is responsible for coordinating and recruiting new members to SEE.  This includes coordinating General Interest Meetings at the beginning of each semester (or as deemed appropriate), coordinating communication with alumni, and planning and implementing Incoming Director training. The Membership Director helps members of the SEE Executive Board to effectively supervise the committees and teams for which they are responsible and create an atmosphere for bonding among SEE members. The Membership Director will further be responsible for coordinating the VIP Reception at Art Attack and an end-of-the-year banquet.




Hi! I’m SEEmour E. Vents. I help with the overall atmosphere and wellbeing of SEE. I enjoy wearing fun t-shirts and eating small fish. Catch me tabling outside at our SEE table or on our social media accounts! And don’t forget to swim by and SEEmour events!


Office Managers

Precious Azike

Kala McCaskill

Hi there! My name's Precious, and I'm a senior Biological Sciences major on the Secondary Education IMCP track. I'm also a part of the Terrapin Teachers Program here at UMD so if you see me in the Physics Building feel free to say hi! When I'm not in the SEE office, you can catch me at your nearest free event or taking pictures of people somewhere around campus. Fun fact, I love handmaking things, so hit me up if you're interested in some DIY ideas.

Hi guys! I'm terrible with bios because I always overthink these sort of things. So here goes nothing... I'm Kala and I am a senior Animal Science major with a concentration in animal care and management. When I am not in the office, I am most likely binging new (or old) TV shows and movies that I have added to my extensive watchlist.

The Office Managers are responsible for the maintenance of the SEE office, taking minutes at the SEE Executive Board meetings, coordinating payroll, assisting the SEE President and Program Coordinator and managing all daily transactions. The Office Managers are members of the Operations Team.

Funding Director

Alden Newman


The Funding Director is responsible for acting as the liaison between the SEE Funding Board and the SEE Executive Board. The Funding Director chairs the SEE Funding Board and organizes, facilitates and runs the SEE Funding Board meetings. They  also respond to inquiries from organizations seeking co-sponsorship funds and support on an as-needed basis. In addition, the Funding Director will actively seek to develop relationships between SEE and other student organizations at the university. The Funding Director is also a member of the Operations  Team.

Hey, I'm Alden. I'm a junior marketing and psychology major from Massachusetts. I haven't started a new TV show in years, but I will watch It's Always in Philadelphia, New Girl, and The Office re-runs forever. There's not a lot of music I don't like, and I look forward to New Music Friday on Spotify each week.


Hospitality Director

The Hospitality Director coordinates the hospitality needs for all SEE events including event staff and performer needs, as well as coordinates Motorpool. The Hospitality Director is also responsible for the overall atmosphere in the greenroom setting at SEE events. The Hospitality Director is a member of the Production Team.

Hey! I’m a junior environmental technology major. I hope to some day become an ocean engineer and work with sustainable energy. When I am not working as SEE’s hospitality director, I am likely either at the recwell climbing wall, filming a video, or trying new things.

Venue Director

Allison Fear


Hi, I’m Allison and I am a sophomore double major chemical engineering and biology. Outside of SEE I am involved in alpha omega epsilon (the engineering sorority), Alche, and ClarkLead. Which all means I am a little bit geeky. If you see me around campus feel free to say hi!

The Venue Director is responsible for coordinating the venue needs of all SEE events. This includes reserving venues, determining venue set-ups, ordering non-technical equipment and accommodating extra venue needs such as parking permits. They  must follow University of Maryland policies to conduct a bidding process when selecting off-campus contractors. The Venue Director works closely with event programmers to determine needs and make sure all requests are met. They work with various campus departments such as Event and Guest Services, the Department of Transportation Services, Campus Recreation Services and Facilities Management, among others. The Venue Director is a member of the Production Team.

Technical Director

Alina Gaynutdinova


Hello! My name is Alina and I am a senior English and Marketing double major with a Creative Writing minor. I'm excited to be bringing you clean sounds, and snazzy lights. Come to our events this year to catch me on my quest to learn what all the knobs on the tech boards do.

The Technical Director coordinates all technical and mechanical aspects of SEE events (lights, sounds, etc.) and helps manage the ProTeam. The Technical Director will organize and schedule crews for all events. In addition, the Technical Director will be the primary contact for all communication with The Stamp A/V Department and outside contractors.  The Technical Director must follow University of Maryland policy to conduct a bidding process for selecting outside contractors. The Technical Director is a member of the Production Team.

Security Director

Brian Freno


Hi, I’m Brian and I’m a junior Economics major. When I’m not keeping our events secure, I’m also a DJ at WMUC and part of a research team in the Gemstone program working on wireless charging in cars. I love baseball, theme parks, going to the movies, and biking, and I’m on a crusade to get foosball the nationwide attention it deserves.

The Security Director coordinates security needs for all SEE events. The Security Director contracts police and police aides, as well as trains and coordinates the ProTeam to provide security for various SEE programs. The Security Director is also responsible for conducting meetings with the talent and/or talent’s manager prior to each show to coordinate a security plan unless previous arrangements have been made. The Security Director is responsible for overseeing the safety of all SEE staff, performers and audience members at all SEE events. Lastly, the Security Director is responsible for the ProTeam and any communication between the ProTeam and the SEE Executive Board. The Security Director is a member of the Production Team.

Cinema Director

Nolan Marks


Hello, my name is Nolan and I am a sophomore Marketing major!  While not coordinating SEE Cinema, I also work as a videographer at the Robert H. Smith School of Business as well as own, operate, and manage my film and video production company, American Image (formerly Nolan Marks Productions). I am also an award-winning filmmaker and playwright with two short films, a stage play, and a feature under my belt with another feature on the way this coming year. In my free time, I enjoy exercising, finding great food, and, of course, going to the movies.

The Cinema Director is responsible for coordinating a diverse range of film showings and film related events including offerings in the Hoff Theater of The Stamp. This Director is also responsible for programming an event for Fall Welcome, at their  discretion.

Comedy Director

Yoad Merin


Hi! My name is Yoad and I'm a junior economics and business management major. When I'm not in the office, I'm usually in at the office of Student Rights & Responsibilities and Research & Assessment as an office assistant. Outside of SEE, I love to watch and play sports (although I'm not very good), and watch John Mulaney stand-ups on Netflix.

The Comedy Director is responsible for the coordination and programming of comedy events, including an event during the university’s Homecoming week and student comedy showcases. They  will strive to program diverse comedy events in The Stamp, but may also venture to Ritchie Coliseum, Xfinity Center and Maryland Stadium.


Concerts Director

Sam Choiniere

The Concerts Director is responsible for overall coordination, conceptualization, programming and management of large-scale musical events reaching a wide range of musical tastes including, but not limited to, the annual Art Attack concert. The Concerts Director programs in venues such as Ritchie Coliseum, Xfinity Center and Maryland Stadium.

Hi, my name is Sam and I am a junior majoring in mathematics, and I do not enjoy writing bios

Lectures Director

Christina Moore


Hi guys! My name is Christina and I am a Senior Finance and Marketing double major. Outside of school and SEE, you can find me scouring D.C. for all kinds of fried food, sleeping, traveling, or binging the same TV shows over and over again because of my irrational separation anxiety to fictional characters. Speaking of TV, I am proud to say that I have watched One Tree Hill seven times through :).

The Lectures Director is responsible for the coordination and programming of lectures and speaker-oriented events on campus. They will also strive to provide a wide variety of learning opportunities in The Stamp through engaging and enriching programs.

Musical Arts Director

Divya Kapoor


Hey hey! I’m Divya, a junior double majoring in Information Systems and Operations Management and Business Analytics (say that ten times fast). On campus, I research musicians’ musculoskeletal disorders within the Gemstone Program and am a proud member of Phi Chi Theta business fraternity among various other activities! When I’m not hanging in the SEE office, you can catch me in my element crafting playlists, figuring out how to record songs I’ve written, and winding down with some yoga.

The Musical Arts Director is responsible for the coordination of small-scale musical events that may include a fall concert, Terpstock and Battle of the Bands. The Musical Arts Director will provide diverse, intimate musical experiences in The Stamp and/or other campus venues. They  may also be responsible for any musical series events including coffeehouse and open mic programming.


Performing Arts Director

Nabila Prasetiawan

Hiya! My name is Nabila and I’m a Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and a Women Studies double major. I love traveling, diet fads, fashion, dance fit classes, and meeting new people! When I’m not in the office, you can find me at basketball games where I work in the IT department for Athletics. Go Terps! I’m always running around campus so say hi whenever :).

The Performing Arts Director is responsible for programming live, unique performances that range from theatre to dance to poetry with an emphasis on events not covered under the concert, lecture or comedy areas. They  will also strive to provide a wide variety of enriching cultural opportunities in The Stamp. The Performing Arts Director is jointly responsible, along with the Special Events Director, for the organization, coordination and management of Art Attack Day Events.


Special Events Director

Reines Maliksi

Hello! My name is Reines and I am a sophomore aspiring to double major in Journalism and Information Science. Besides working on events for SEE, you can find me shamelessly ordering food on PostMates, embarking on spontaneous adventures, or cry-laughing with friends all over campus. Feel free to say hi if you ever see me around! :)

The Special Events Director is responsible for all non-musical, non-performing arts events.  In addition, they may coordinate SEE contributions to Maryland Day, New Student Welcome and community building events in The Stamp at their discretion. The Special Events Director is jointly responsible, along with the Performing Arts Director, for the organization, coordination and management of Art Attack Day Events.

The Traditions Director is responsible for working in collaboration with the Manager for Student Programs, other SEE Directors, and other Stamp staff members to program events for the campus community to build and maintain Stamp and UMD traditions. These events may include but are not limited to the Stamp All Niter, Terp Carnival and Homecoming Events, and Maryland Day Events in the Stamp. The Traditions Director is a member of the Programmers Team. 

Traditions Director


Advertising Directors

 Juliette Pasquini

Jasmine Garcia

Heyooo! My name is Jasmine Garcia and I'm a Studio Art major in the Graphic Design program. I'm currently part of the business fellows program for design and marketing, hoping to find my niche and start a business! I'm a busy bunny, so if you see me outside of the office I'm probably running late to a meeting or going to nap! These days I'm helping start a non-profit to support artists financially, running an art club called Artphere (check us out!), and working at startup UMD and the Clarice. I love movies, art, and R&B. If I'm not running to something, please say hi!

Hi! I’m Juliette and I’m a junior double majoring in Communications and Film Studies. Outside of SEE, you can find me stuffing my face with good food, yelling about the latest episode of some TV show, or drawing random doodles all over my class notes.

The Advertising Directors are responsible for the creation of all promotional print and digital materials for each event such as advertisements, flyers and posters. The Advertising Directors are also responsible for researching and developing new advertising formats and coordinating the printing of all promotional materials. The Advertising Directors are also a member of the Promotions Team.

Public Relations Director


Hi! I’m Julia and I’m a sophomore majoring in marketing. I am a member of the Strategic Design and Innovation Fellows program in the Smith School of Business, as well as a member of the Alpha Mu Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Phi here on campus. I’m a proud New Yorker, I love boating with my family, and I have an adoration for anything and everything fashion.

The Public Relations Director is responsible for coordinating all written and verbal communication between SEE and the general public specifically through news and media outlets. Their  responsibilities include writing press releases, updating information outlets and managing social media accounts. The Public Relations Director will be the sole SEE contact for mass media outlets.  The Public Relations Director is also a member of the Promotions Team.


Multimedia Director

Aliya Daniels

Hi all! I'm Aliya, a sophomore communication major with a focus in public relations and a history minor! Some things I love doing are: taking photos, filming videos, getting into a conspiracy theory video hole on Youtube, traveling and simply eating a good bagel (New Jersey people know what I mean). You can typically find me going to a barre or Orange Theory class and then shortly thereafter going to Starbucks and ordering a tall iced caramel machiatto. Hit me up if you ever want to talk history, politics, A24, or literally anything.

The Multimedia Director is responsible for generating and curating digital media content including, but not limited to, videography and photography.  They are  accountable for live recording and photography of the organization’s events, editing of media content, and the creation of videos and other supplemental promotional materials. The Multimedia Director is accountable for the content of the SEE website, including its accuracy, timeliness and usefulness, in addition to maintaining a digital archive of all SEE events. The Multimedia Director is also responsible for supervising all camera team personnel. The Multimedia Director is a member of the Promotions Team


Marketing Director

Sydney MacCagnan

My name’s Sydney and I am a marketing major. When I’m not relentlessly promoting an event across campus, I’m usually in an American Marketing Association meeting or binge-watching a new TV show. If you pass me on campus, feel free to say hi!

The Marketing Director is responsible for brainstorming, coordinating and implementing campus-wide marketing campaigns alongside the Promotions Team. The Marketing Director, in coordination with the Promotions Team, may assist in purchases of promotional materials for SEE events. The Marketing Director is responsible for targeting students and student organizations through email marketing, including the newsletter and listserv. They will assist the Public Relations Director in social media promotions, such as ticket giveaways and contests. Lastly, the Marketing Director is responsible for the Marketing Team and any communication between the Marketing Team and the SEE Executive Board. The Marketing Director is a member of the Promotions Team.


Research Director

Jessica Lang

Hiya! My name is Jessica and I am a junior double majoring in Psychology and Criminal Justice with a minor in Neuroscience. I also am a research assistant in a lab that works with rats! Outside of SEE, you can find me in Stamp, on the mall or watching Netflix

The Research Director is responsible for all research conducted for SEE throughout the year.  This includes, but is not limited to, conducting the annual Art Attack research survey. The Research Director is responsible for providing research for each program proposal made by a SEE Director. They  coordinate with other members of the SEE Executive Board, as well as programming boards at other universities, to ensure that meaningful and productive research is completed and used in decision making. The Research Director is a member of the Promotions Team.


Laura Hood 

Manager, Student Programs

Welcome! Hello! I am Laura Hood and I have had the pleasure to advise Student Entertainment Events for the past 6 years. I am a full time staff member of the Adele H. Stamp Student Union Activities Team where I also plan campus wide programming like UMD Homecoming, All Niter, and Maryland Day . I earned a Masters in Higher Education from University of Delaware-Go Blue Hens and received my undergraduate Psychology/Minor in Fine Arts (Graphic Design) from Arcadia University-Go Knights! When I am not in the SEE Office, you will find me at the closest Starbucks or at a Barre or Body Pump Class! I currently live in College Park with my husband (also staff at UMD) and daughter and we love all things UMD - Go Terps!   


Program Coordinator

David Bonilla-Ciferri

Hi! I'm David, and I'm the Coordinator for SEE. I graduated with my Master's Degree in Student Affairs from UMD last May, during which time I was also a Graduate Advisor for SEE! Before that, I earned a Bachelor of Social Work from Florida State University. When I'm not working with SEE, I'm usually running around DC or staying up-to-date on all that Netflix has to offer. Catch me in the office and at events having passionate conversations about the best Starbucks locations (H Street), the best place to get sweet tea (McDonald's), and how One Direction is definitely having a reunion tour (if the Jonas Brothers can do it, so can 1D). 


Graduate Advisor

Ana Pena-Molina

Hey there! My name is Ana and I'm a second-year Master's student studying Public Health with a concentration in Epidemiology. I bet you are wondering "what is Epidemiology?", right? Come find me in the SEE office and I'll explain! I'm super excited to be this year's Promo Advisor and continue working in campus activities! When I'm not in the SEE office, you can always find me at my restaurant job, eating Chick-fil-A, or watching The Office on Netflix. 

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