with Shea Couleé

April 8, 2021

Doors Open at 7:50pm

Event Begins at 8:00pm

Doors Close at 8:05pm

Registration Begins

MM/DD @ {time}


Optional Makeup Kit Pickup in STAMP Student Union

(See below for details)

Pink Powder


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Registration Link

{UMD community only}

RSVP required

free of charge

Tickets go on sale mm/dd

To attend this event, SEE asks that you fill out an RSVP form. You are permitted to register for a slot until noon on the day of the event. 


This event will be virtual, but students can reserve a makeup kit - in addition to signing up for the workshop - and come pick them up from STAMP Student Union before the event. Within the reservation, select a date and a block of time to come to SORC or the SEE Office to pick up makeup kits. Only the first 50 students to claim a makeup bag can get the makeup, but more people can come to the event. Students will log on to Zoom at 8:00pm for a night of entertainment and fun while learning a makeup look from the fabulous Shea Couleé!



Reservations may be placed at [LINK HERE]

You may aquire ONE (1) UMD Community reservation per UMD ID 

No reselling, transferring, or exchanging of any tickets will be permitted.


Please be aware that any recording or reproduction of this event is strictly prohibited.

Violations will be reported to applicable parties including, but not limited to, the Office of Student Conduct. 



If you are in need of any accommodations, please let us know at least TWO (2) weeks prior to April 8th.

Please contact SEE's advisors at seeadvisors@umd.edu



Any attempted disruption to software used to host this event, including but not limited to web-conferencing software, webpage hosting, or other platforms will not be tolerated. If any individual takes action that results in the event needing to end early, the responsible party may be held liable for any damages, financial or otherwise. All disruptive participants will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct (Code 10.d.4. “Engaging in disorderly or disruptive action that interferes with University or community activities, including but not limited to studying, teaching, research, and University administration”) or the appropriate campus entities and/or law enforcement.


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