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Terpstock 2019

This Event Was Programmed by:
Jay Raje
Musical Arts Director
Event Details

Event Details

  • April 14, 2019 at 3pm

  • Grand Ballroom

  • Free Admission!!

  • Featuring: Felly, Healy and 2 Battle of the Bands runner-ups

Final Terpstock.png
Security Details

Security Details

  • Event starts at 3pm

  • Food & Beverage Policy: Food or beverages will be allowed in the venue.

  • Bag Policy: Bags are allowed

  • No tickets needed to get in.

  • If you have any further questions or clarification on any of the policies, call the Student Entertainment Events office at 301-314-8498.

About the Artists

About the Artists

F e l l y

With over 56,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 43 million listens on SoundCloud, artist/producer Felly has experienced unbelievable growth since his introduction to the hip-hop world only four years ago. The 21-year-old's music, instrumentals and freestyles have racked up over 10 million views on YouTube in the process, with his most recent album, the Young Fel EP, demonstrating maturity and professionalism surpassing any previous projects. Building off his last four mixtapes, and nine beat-tapes from the past several years, Young Fel presents the epitome and diversity of the sound Fel has been developing for the past few years. The past few months, Felly has been selling out shows throughout the US including two 1,100-person shows in New Haven, CT, over 1,400 tickets sold in Chicago, IL, 700 in Denver, CO, etc. Things are on the rise for Young Fel!

H e a l y


Cushioned within the cracks between musical fields, you’ll find remnants of a rare sound planted, grown, and curated by a 24-year-old from Memphis, TN. Ethan Healy—known as Healy—has very naturally sown himself into the ranks of some of independent music’s finest. Healy lives an almost double life, balancing music with being a 3rd year medical student. Before medical school, Healy was a resident advisor at the University of Memphis, writing and recording from his dorm room. Healy’s debut song $150 / roll widdit, a euphoric exploration of monetary modesty skillfully coupled with an organic spin on Three 6 Mafia’s Roll With It caught the internet on it’s heels, garnering over 8 million streams to date.


After only two years of an online residency, Healy has acquired nearly 50,000 followers and 20 million streams over all musical platforms. With cosigns from the likes of Houston’s Jas Prince and Australia’s Troye Sivan, it’s evident that Healy’s crossover appeal has the ability to transcend both genre and continent. Two years later, Healy is ready to step into his own, presenting a powerful mastery of soundscape and a multidimensional approach to his musical efforts with his debut album Subluxe. Pigeons and Planes says that throughout the entire album, Healy’s "ability to convey mood through tone is only matched by the pockets of energy he reserves for eyebrow-raising vocal cries, belted from the bottom of his chest." In standout tracks like Unwind, a collaboration with D. Sanders, longtime producer for Isaiah Rashad, Healy captures a distinct perspective of the overburdened artist, reluctant to find his worldly pace brought to a screeching halt. Tracks like Reckless and Build are nostalgia-ridden recounts of pool days, popsicle-stained faces, and reflections on growth and appreciation of one’s upbringing. These motifs fully permeate Healy’s life as Memphis is deeply rooted

within his artistic acumen.

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