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Art Attack 2021 Scavenger Hunt

with SEE

April 26-30, 2021


Thanks for checking out the Art Attack Scavenger Hunt. Come back on 4/26 for the first set of clues. Three clues will be released each day for virtual and in-person participants. Complete all the clues for the day to earn a piece of the final answer. Collect all 5 pieces for a chance to win prizes. Participants will only be eligible for prizes in one category. Please only submit answers for either virtual or on-campus. Feel free to join the GroupMe's below if you have any questions.

On-Campus GroupMe:

Virtual GroupMe:

On-Campus Rules:

We will release 3 clues per day here. It is your challenge to travel around campus to find the answers. Bring your answers to the Interactive Art Exhibit in Stamp each day between 12pm-8pm to check your answers with a SEE Director. If your answers are correct you will receive the final puzzle piece for that day. Collect all 5 for as chance at prizes. 

Answers do not need to be submitted the day clues are released. All answers can be submitted at the end of the week. However the first 2 people to bring the correct answers to interactive art for that day will receive a SEE picnic blanket.

Monday Clues: 

  • How many steps lead up to the front entrance of the Xfinity Center? (Hint: Its the fourth prime number times 2 to the power of 3)

  • What Color is the Helicopter near the Campus Farm?

  • How many combined floors do the dorms in the Cambridge Community have? 

Tuesday Clues:

  • How many houses are there on Frat Row? 

  • How many benches surround the fountain on McKeldin Mall? 

  • From the center of Hornbake Plaza How many pillars are on the buildings facing you? 

Wednesday Clues:

  • Bring a picture of you from the Art Attack Photo Booth

  • How many silver flood light poles are on La Plata Beach? 

  • What color are the flowers making up the M?

Thursday Clues:

  • How many flags are on top of Maryland Stadium? 

  • How many tennis courts are behind Eppley? 

  • Vote for your favorite acts for Terps got Talent and bring proof of completion

Friday Clues:

  • How many floors are in Mowatt garage and what is a green feature on the top floor? 

  • What bank is the ATM located outside South Campus Diner? 

  • How many cassette tapes are there in the Interactive Art exhibit? 

Virtual Rules: 

Art Attack is not just for those on campus students! Find some of these items around your house or neighborhood to receive points. You have 4 days to find as many items on the list. Answers must be submitted by April 30 at 12pm EDT. The students with the highest points will receive some great mail home prizes like: Airpods, Hammock, Fuji Polaroid camera, and Art Attack Shirts. 


Follow the AA Scavenger hunt Instructions below to submit your pictures. 

  1. Rename Files: Rename them with your initials and the picture clue #. Examples: LCH_AA_1, LCH_AA_2, LCH_DIY_1, LCH_DIY_2, LCH_Bonus_1, etc

    1.  Please make it easy for the SEE Director to add up all the points!

  2. Email your photos: and CC 

    1. This will act as your formal submission. 

    2. If you need to submit a few emails - please label them “AA Hunt ⅓ or ⅔” 

  3. Any inappropriate content submitted will be sent to the Office of Student Conduct. 


A winner will be announced May 3rd. Only UMD students are eligible for prizes. If you have any questions, please contact

Virtual Scavenger Hunt:

Please take a picture of the following: 


  1. AA-1: ART - Painting or Mural outside (2 points)

  2. AA-2: ATTACK - A ticket stub from your in-person concert, festival, etc (2 points)



  1. DIY-1: A record (1 point) 

    1. DIY-1a: Bonus - The record is ON a Record Player (2 points) 

  2. DIY-2:A Cassette tape (1 point)

    1. DIY-2a: Bonus - The Cassette tape is in a Stereo that plays tapes (2 points)

  3. DIY 3: A CD (1 point) 

  4. DIY 4: A Tie Dyed Item (1 point)

  5. DIY 5: A Sand box (2 points) 

  6. DIY 6: Take a picture of you in a Bathtub (fully clothed, no water)



  1. SE-1: A Comic Book (3 points) 

  2. SE-2: Tuesday and Thursday are RecWell Dance Classes - Upload your favorite TikTok Dance Tutorial  (2 points) 

  3. SE-3: What you ate for Dinner Thursday 4/29 (2 Points)

    1. SE-3a: Bonus points if the meal/snack is from Art Attack’s Cooking Class hosted by Jyll Everman on 4/29 (5 points) 



  1. CIN-1: SEE is showing 5 Outdoor movies all week - Take a Picture of movie memorabilia from one of the 5 movies: Posters, DVDs, Blue rays, etc (1 point) 

    1. CIN-1, 2, 3, 4, 5: Bonus point for each movie 



  1. GAMES-1: SEE is host Who Wants to a Millionaire on 4/28 - Take a picture of you holding some cash (2 points)

  2. GAMES-2: A Board Game (2 points)



  1. BONUS-1: Wear UMD gear (2 points)

  2. BONUS-2: Physically-distanced group photo or celebratory jumping photo (5 points)

  3. For every picture you are in, you will receive 1 Bonus Point


  1. The best/creative celebratory photos will break a tie breaker.


The first 10 people in each category to complete the scavenger hunt will receive an Art Attack T-shirt (size not guaranteed). Then the first, second and third place winners in each category will receive Beats Headphones, a photo printer, or a Maryland Tumbler respectively.

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